You got here!

Hello, my name is Victoria Pendragon and this is my umbrella website. Welcome.

I am, like everyone else, a person in a constant state of change. Change, like so many other things, just happens… but how it happens… that’s another matter entirely and we each have our own unique stories. This website is reflective of my own story, a story I tell to support the telling of truths and the living of lives in full personal integrity.

On this site you can :

  1. learn more about me – how I got to be who I am today (About Me)
  2. learn some background about the art I have created (Art Galleries)   (I have a separate gallery site at where all my art can be viewed.)
  3. learn about Sleep Magic – a technique for cellular reprogramming that first saved my life, then took about 15 years to come to the surface of my consciousness in a form that I could share with others to assist them in ‘saving’ their own lives, in healing
  4. view Witness, a visual exploration in collage, of the emotional and psychological ramifications of childhood sexual abuse and incest


There are no endings; there are no beginnings; there is only an ongoing series of transitions.


The following link will allow you to see me in action, speaking at Ozark Mountain’s Transformations 2012 Conference. It will give you a flavor for who I am and for how I approach life and healing. You can also learn more about my experiences with the magic of this life by watching the series, My Alternate Reality, on You Tube.

Reverend Victoria Pendragon, BFA, DD